As solution-focused hypnotherapists, we often get asked whether hypnotherapy can alleviate anxiety. Yes, it can. It’s a wonderful way to conquer this debilitating disorder.

We’ll look more closely at anxiety and hypnotherapy and how we use hypnosis techniques to effect positive change.

What Is Anxiety, And What Does It Mean?

Everybody feels anxious from time to time. This is a common, everyday emotion. An anxiety disorder occurs when your anxieties begin to overwhelm and take control of your thoughts.

Anxiety isn’t something to be ashamed of; it is something many adults have experienced at some point. Although anxiety can be managed with treatment, it can also be made worse by continuing to impact daily living negatively.

There are many types and varieties of anxiety. GAD and social anxiety are the most common forms of anxiety. Others may experience post-traumatic anxiety disorder (PTSD) due to a traumatizing event. Panic attacks and obsessive/compulsive disorder are also forms of anxiety.

Anxiety can feel overwhelming, and it can seem like you will never be able to have peace of mind. However, this is not the case. Many methods can help overcome anxiety. We offer a range of techniques, including solution-focused hypnotherapy for anxiety, to help you feel happier and lighter.

What Is Hypnotherapy, And How Can It Help You With Anxiety?

Hypnotherapy, which combines hypnosis and therapeutic techniques, creates a consciousness open to suggestion. So, what is it in actual terms?

The state of focused attention we refer to as hypnosis is something we like to call it. You are in a light state of hypnosis, similar to daydreaming. However, it is not the same as stage hypnotism. It’s easier to suggest ideas when your mind is relaxed. Rarely do the thinking (primitive and emotional) sides of your mind meet. This is when your emotional side starts to listen to your more sensible side.

The trance can also be used to assist with overcoming unhelpful thought patterns if used in a therapeutic environment. Great Minds uses a solutions-focused approach to encourage positive thinking and replace negative thinking.

How Does Hypnotherapy Alleviate Anxiety?

Many people find that hypnotherapy is a great way to reduce anxiety. The trance state allows your mind to be guided toward positive changes. You can increase your self-belief, calm down, and reduce anxiety and fear.

Trance is also very relaxing. My clients tell me how they feel refreshed after sessions. This allows us to work together to master relaxation techniques. If anxiety does arise, it can be managed.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy’s most remarkable feature is the ability to use your relaxed mind to replace negative thoughts with beneficial ones. It is the best therapy to calm an anxious mind.

What is Health Anxiety, and What Are Its Benefits?

Health anxiety can also be called illness anxiety disorder (or hypochondriasis). Hypochondria can be a pejorative term and is sometimes used incorrectly. It’s too easy to ignore another person’s health-related worries. However, it is difficult to live well with anxiety.

One who experiences health anxiety is afraid that they might get sick. Although cancer is a common example of this fear, it can be subjective. They begin to believe they are experiencing symptoms.

Anxiety can also cause physical symptoms. An anxious person may feel a tight chest; anxiety can lead to headaches, nausea, and increased temperatures. These are symptoms of hypochondriasis. Anxiety and symptoms can increase, and the cycle repeats until you are completely sick.